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Date: 5th July 2016
DSP Series Karaoke Processor
Application:Permanently installed entertainment concert halls, multi?purpose hall, performing arts center, lounge bar, KTV, nightclubs, etc. Dual featured DSP processor and internal data channels of 32bit, particularly wide dynamic range and excellent sound quality. Sampling rate, low loss, flexible and convenient multi?section frequency mode. 96KHz sampling frequency,32-bit DSP processor,24-bit A / D and D / A conversion. There are 2 inputs 6 outputs, there are four input 8 output a variety of model selection, a combination of a variety of flexible divider mode, high and low pass crossover frequency can be up to 20Hz ~ 20KHz USB and RS485 interface can be connected to a computer via RS485 interface can connect up to 250 machines and more than 1500 meters distance external computer to control. Function keys and Puller functional panel directly connected to a computer to set up or controlled by the PC control software are very easy, intuitive and simple. ModelDSP2400,DSP2600,DSP3600,DSP4800Power90-265V AC(50/60HZ)Input impedance :Balanced : 20K?Output impedanceBalanced : 100?Input channels and sockets :2/3 /4-way XLR female XLROutpu channels and outlets4/6/8-channel XLR male XLRPC Interfacea USB interface, the board two RS485 interfaces (RJ-45 seat)CMMR?70dB(1KHz)Input range? +25 dBuFrequency response20Hz-20KHz (-0.5dB)SNR>110dBDistortion< 0.01% OUTPUT = 0dBu/1KHzChannel separation>110dB (1KHz)Power supplyAC110V/220V 50/60HzPower consumption? 25WProcessor192KHz sampling frequency ,32-bit DSP processors , 24-bit A / D and D / ADisplay2 ? 24 LCD blue back?light display settings , 8-segment LED display input / output precision digital level meter , mute and editing statusDimensions( W ? D ?H ): ?482 ?232 ?44mmWeight3.6kgOutput channel function Output Mute : mute control for each channel to establish separate Input options: Each output channel can be individually select different input channels, you can select any combination of input channels Output Gain : adjustment range :-12dB-+12 dB, in steps of 0.1dB Output delay: Each input channel has a separate delay control, adjustment range 0-1000ms, less than 10ms, step is 21us; 10ms-20ms, step is 84us; greater than 20ms, step is 0.5ms Output Phase : noninverting ( + ) or reverse ( - ) Divider Set : Each output channel can be individually set the low pass filter (LPF) and a high-pass filter (HPF), adjustable parameters: Filter Type : Linkwitz-Riley/Bessel/Butterworth frequency turning point : 20Hz-20KHz, a total of 239 frequency attenuation slope : 12dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 24dB/oct, 48dB/oct Limiter settings: Each output channel can be set separately limiter adjustable parameters: threshold :-20dBu-+20 dBu, step away from the start of 0.5dBu time : 0.3ms-100ms, less than 1ms, in steps of 0.1ms; greater than 1ms, in steps of 1ms release time : can be set to two times, four times , six times, 8 times , 16 times , 32 times the starting time Output EQ : Each output channel can be set six balanced , balanced approach to select Parameter / Lo-Shelf / Hi-Shelf. A, adjustable parameters in the Parameter Status : center frequency : 20Hz-20KHz, a total of 239 frequency points Bandwidth : 0.05oct-3oct, step to 0.05oct gain :-20dB-+20 dB, in steps of 0.1dB B adjustable in Lo-Shelf and Hi-Shelf status parameters: center frequency : 20Hz-20KHz, a total of 239 frequency points slope : 6dB/12dB gain :-20dB-+20 dB, in steps of 0.1dB Processor : 192KHz sampling frequency ,32-bit DSP processors , 24-bit A / D and D / A
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