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Date: 5th July 2016
KA Series 2U High Power Amplifier(2CH/4CH)
Application:Large/medium-scale stadium, entertainment venues, bar, theater and cinema, large show etc. ?KA Series are specially designed hi-power amplifier used for touring and installation. Their unique design and powerful output can meet the requirement of any sound reinforcement project.With high performance, innovative appearance, and high quality components, KA?series to ensure low noise and high power operation,compact contour, perfect tone, excellent performance, unique circuit, high load capacity and perfect protection, including DC/input ,limit/over-load output/short-circuit/thermal/power surge/soft-start protection and limit/compression to ensure the reliable performance.? 2U?height, compact contour? Class AB&H circuit? Professional protection? Dual side PCB and SMD to improve the stability? Variable speed fan for cooling? Stereo/parallel/bridge mode ? Light weight for easy transportation ?Model KA4600 KA1600 KA1600 Stereo power 8?4x1600W1600w x 21600w x 2Stereo power 4?2400w x 22300w x 22300w x 2Bridge power 8?2 x 4800w4000w4000wFrequency response20Hz-25kHz, ?0.5dB20Hz-25kHz, ?0.5dB20Hz-25kHz, ?0.5dBTHD<0.03% ?4CH??0.05%?2CH)Damping factor>600@??(4CH)??200@8??2CH?Separation:>60 dBSNR:>80 dBInput sensitivity0.775 v / 1.0 v / 1.4 vInput impedance20k??/ 10k?ProtectionSoft Boot. VHF. DC. Short. ?Overload;Distortion limiter. Overheat. ?Boot level Fade inVoltageAC220V/50HzDimension590X570X150mm (2U)Weight24kg24kg24kg
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