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Date: 5th July 2016
LP Series 4CH Switch Power Amp
Model: LP Series Switch Power Amplifier ?LP series is the company developed a new multi-channel professional power amplifier, switching power supply design technology class plus TD, TD class characteristics of the amplifier is the power amplifier supply voltage follows the size of the input signal varies, playback when a voltage amplifier always follow the music signal. So close to the D class amplifier having the efficiency of another Class AB sound quality. The use of advanced ventilation system. Professional security protection circuit include: DC protection, input overload protection, output short circuit protection, output overload protection, over temperature protection, soft-start switch protection, clipping limits the height to protect the safety and reliability of the power amplifier. This product can be widely used in entertainment, theater and cinema venues. ModelLP4600LP41300LP22400Stereo power 8?640w x 41300w x 42400w x 2Stereo power 4?1275w x 42485w x 44800w x 2Bridge power 8?2650w x 24400w x 28800wFrequency response20Hz-25kHz, ?0.5dB20Hz-25kHz, ?0.5dB20Hz-25kHz, ?0.5dBTHD<0.1% ((rated power,4?,1KHz))Damping factor800Separation:>60 dBSNR:>80 dB />110 dB/>110dBInput sensitivity0.775 v / 1.0 v / 1.4 vInput impedance20k??/ 10k?ProtectionSoft Boot. VHF. DC. Short.Overload;Distortion limiter. Overheat.Boot level Fade inVoltageAC220V/50HzDimension483x380x88mm (2 U)Weight12kg13kg13kg
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